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Invited Talks -
Selected Samples

I have been invited for a number of Technical Content Talks. Some of which were locally presented and some were
presented out of Bahrain. Below are few selections.

Local Invited Talks:
(a.) Intelligent Stock Predication via Artificial Neural Networks, Business Administration College, University of
Bahrain, 1996. (b.) Intelligent Controllers, University of Bahrain, 1996. (c.) Intelligent Robotics Systems, Global
Institute 6th Annual Seminar, Global Institute, 1998. (d.) Genetic Algorithms for Optimization and Control Applications,
University of Bahrain, 1998. (e.) Artificial Neural Networks Applications, Bahrain Society of Engineers,
1997. (f.) Intelligent Robotics Systems, IEE-Bahrain Section, Bahrain, 1999, g. Welding Robotics Control System,
Gulf-Matech Conference, (Keynote Lecture), 2002. (h.) LMI Based Robust Fuzzy Stabilization of a Nonlinear Dynamic
System, University of Bahrain, 2003. (i.) Mathematica for Engineering Applications, University of Bahrain,
2005. (j.) Visual Servoing Nonlinearity Approximation Via an Intelligent Approach, University of Bahrain, 2007. (k.)
IET Professional Society, BTI Bahrain, 2008. (l.) Iris Recognition System, Sheikh KHALIFA Institute of Technology,
2009. (m.) Digital Revolution: where we are Heading, Talk to Sri Lankan Engineering Society, 2013. (n.) Medical
Robots for Disabled, Talk to Bahrain Mobility International, 2014. (o.) Ministry of Education 2016 Innovation Day
(Future Scientists Training Program), 2016.

International Invited Talks:
(a.) Fuzzy Decision Based Mobile Mapping, King Saud University, KSA, 2013. (b.) Occupancy Grids and Stereo
Vision SLAM Navigation: Neuro Occupancy Mapping, (Keynote Lecture), Presented at EPSCICON-2014, India,
2014. (c.) EEG Brainwaves for Robotics and Prosthesis Grasping and Motorization, (Keynote Lecture) Presented at
ICKEA 2015, UAE, 2015. (d.) Michael Faraday IET International Summit-2015, (MFIIS 2015), an IET International
Conference Focused Area Power-Control-Automation, September 12-13, 2015, Kolkata,India. Supported By: IET
Control and Automation (UK), IET Power Electronics, Machines and Drives (UK), Technical Sponsor: Dept. of
Applied Physics, University of Calcutta, India, 2015. (e.) EEG Complex Grasping Patterns Recognition for BMI
Robotic and Prosthesis Motion Control, Keynote Lecture, MFIIS-2015, India, 2015. (f.) Electroencephalography
Based Event Features Extraction for Robotics Advanced Learning, Mauritius, 2017. (g.) Workshop for Two Days
about (Machine Learning Based Brainwaves Electroencephalography EEG Decoding and Understanding), during the
FOURTH International -Conference- EPSCICON 2018 - IEEE, 3-4 January 2018, at Vidya Academy of Science and
Technology. India 2018. (h.) Invited for Talk at the (2nd Annual Techno and Science) in the GCC 2018, 22-24
February 2018, (Al Hifof), KSA. (i.) Artificial Intelligence and Smart IoT Based Energy Conservation in Buildings:
A Learning Paradigm Approach, UAE-2020.

Workshops, Summer, Schools, Short Courses

During my academic career, I have been involved in organization of a number of technical /Workshops/Short Courses/
Summer School events. Below are few selections of these events:

(a.) BasicWeb Technology Skills for Courseware Development (October 14-18, 2001) in cooperation with the UNESCO
office. (b.) Power System Planning and Control”, Short Course, University of Bahrain, 1998. (c.) Programmable
Logic Controllers PLCs, University of Bahrain, Two weeks intensive course, 2000. (d. )Industrial Process Control,
University of Bahrain, a four days Short-Course, 2000. (e.) Internet Technology for Non Expert staff, 2000. (f.)
Responsible for organizing a Training Workshop (14-18 October 2001) for the UISCO Office on using internet for
educational purposes, entitled” . Basic Web Technology Skills for Courseware Development ”, 2001. (g.) MATLAB
FOR ENGINEERS: A fully developed programming in Matlab Sessions for Students, 2003. (h.) Plant Automation
and Control, Bahrain, three days intensive short course, 2005. (i.) Programmable Logic Controllers PLCs, Bahrain,
Three days intensive course, 2005. (j.) Plant Automation and Control, in KSA, three days intensive short course,
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, 2007. (k.) Process Instrumentation and Control, a one week intensive workshop for ASRY,
2007. (l.) Plants Programmable Logic Controllers and Automation, 24th - 26th, November, Kingdom of Bahrain,
2009. (m.) Electrical Fundamentals, Bahrain Defense Force Trainee, 2010. (n.) Scientific Report Writing, for RESEARCH
METHODOLOGY AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP, 4-8 October 2015. (o.) IEEE 2016-Engineering Ethics
Competition. (p.) IET GCC Annual Robotics Challenge. (q.) Annual IET Smart Cities Symposium.

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