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Professor Ebrahim A. Mattar, professor of Cybernetics and Robotics at University of Bahrain (lecturing for Robotics, Control Engineering, Computational AI). He has received the B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering (Bahrain University-1986), for M.Sc. in Electronics (Southampton University-1989), Ph.D. (Reading University-1994, thesis written under professor K. Warwick) supervision, was also awarded of the Gulf Executive Program (University of Virginia, Darden School of Business-2000). His research and publications frameworks have been focused on computational AI, robotics, and biomedical engineering. Worked on a few research projects, including the face neural recognition, the King Saud University (KSA) Robotics Project during (2010-2014), the Robotics Project at UoB and the CERN project related to UoB.  He has supervised several thesis-projects, and is currently working on multi-dimensional Brainwaves, biometric data mining, decoding and learning robotics control and intelligence. Editor board member of a few journals and conferences.  He has been awarded several awards, including University of Bahrain, best research in 2001, 2002, 2006, 2007, 2017 UoB Hackathon award, and an IET award during 2018. He is a member of several professional bodies, MIET, SMIEEE, IFAC affiliate, and Bahrain IET Local Network H. Chair; IEEE Control Society, IEEE Robotics and Automation Society (RAS), affiliate member of IFAC, an active IET member, IET– Bahrain Network Honorary X-Chair, X-member of IET EMEA Regional Board, X-member of IET Knowledge Program Advisory, and currently member of the IET TNCC.  He has been elected as Bahrain honorary chair for the IEE (earlier) and IET for two sessions; Responsible body for eight IET colloquiums-forums held in Bahrain held during 2008 till 2016. In addition, a responsible body for major symposiums-conferences.  Served as the organizing head for the International Conference on (Millennium Dawn in Training and Continuing Education), 16-18th of April 2001. Served as the technical committee head member of IET ICIS-2008 International Conference on Intelligent Systems and responsible body for eight annual IET symposiums-colloquiums in Bahrain. Organized vast number of IET events in Bahrain since 2006 till today. Responsible body for the Annual IET Smart Cities Symposium and the Annual IET-GCC Robotics Challenge. Prof. Mattar has authored many journals publications, conferences, chapters of book, and authored four complete books (three) in Arabic and (one) in English related to Robotics.  Computational Skills: (open CV library), Dynamic Programming, (OOP), Optimization, Mathematica, MatLab, Python, LabView, NAG and LaTex.

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