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EEG 580 :  Linear and Nonlinear Dynamic Systems  [3-0-3]

Office Hours :  Any time, please send an e-mail to :

Office No: 14-146-A

Office Location:  College of Engineering, Building 14.

Office Telephone:  ++ 973 17876286,  or  ++ 973 17876606

Course Contents:

Introduction to  Modern Control  Control History, State representation of systems. Modeling of Physical Systems, Coupled Differential Equations, Linear  and Nonlinear  Differntional Equations, State Space Theory and Block Diagram Representations, Matrix  Algebra.  Theory of multivariable systems.  Jordan canonical forms

Transformation matrices, Realization theory. Controllability and Obsorbability of linear time invariant and time varying systems. Controllable  canonical form Observable canonical form Kalman canonical form Jordan canonical form.  Stability:  Lyapunov stability theory, First  Method. Lyapunov stability theory, Second Method.  Feedback Control . Output Feedback state feedback system.  Regulators Pole Placements. Decoupling and modal matching.  Applications to physical systems. Control Standard Charts Nichols Chart - Mp & Zeta relation,  Overshoot and zeta relation,  Second  Order  Frequency  Response.

Course Mark  Distribution :

EEG 580 : Linear and Nonlinear Dynamic Systems, Grading System : 


1  Assignments    (4 total )  10%

2  LABS                (4 total )  10%

3  Project   (Presentation)  10%

4  Midterm                          30%

5  Final  Exam                     40%

Course Text  Book and References:

Modern Control System Theory   ( By :  M. Gopal).

You need to get my personal notes for this course.

Other References for this course is : Modern Control Engineering  (by :  T.  Ogata)

Control Simulation Software (You need to download) :

-  Matlab
-  Mathematica Control Toolbox
-  Codas
-  Vsim


Course  LABs :   No lab for this course.

Course Assignments (TOPICS) :

Introduction and Visualization of Control System

Matlab and Simulink Introduction to Control Student


Operational Amplifiers as Summing Points and Their  Matlab  Models 

Routh-Hurwitz Stability for a Position Control System

Root Locus using Matlab and Position Control System

Frequency Response for Position Control System

Bode Plot and  Nyquist


Course  Materials  Press to (Download) :

These topics will be provided by the  Instructor by  a Complete  Class Notes

Introduction to  Modern Control

State representation of systems

Theory of multivariable systems

Controllability and observability of linear time invariant and time varying systems.


Decoupling and modal matching

Applications to physical systems

Object Oriented Programming using Matlab (OOP):

Object Oriented Programming using Matlab (OOP):

Object Oriented Programming using Matlab (OOP), uses of classes (class), objects (obj) and data structure (struct) .. if you would like to use this approach in programming for this course, this will be great.  This is optional, but it is always good to learn latest advanced programming tools.  Download slides about Matlab from the Advanced MATLAB for Scientific Computing, Stanford University.   OOP-Matlab press here to download

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