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Academic Teaching Activities

Have been involved in lecturing the followings:


During Ph.D. (1989-1994), I was teaching (lab sessions) undergraduate students Laboratories, at Reading University - UK,  courses were,  Electronics, Control Systems, & Robotics Experiments, Tutorials.

For University of Bahrain undergraduate studies, my focus are:  Discrete-time control systems (Digital Control), Measurements, Digital Systems, Signals and Systems,  Engineering Numerical Methods (with Object Oriented Programming - OOP), Automatic Control, Robotics, Intelligent Systems, Nonlinear Control Systems, Engineering Ethics, and Computer Organization.


For postgraduate studies, my focus are:  Probabilities and Stochastic Systems, Signals and Noise, Modern Control Systems, Optimal Control Theory and Applications, Discrete-time control systems, Linear and Nonlinear Systems, Intelligent Control,  Computer Vision,  Computer Architecture,  and Algorithm Concepts.


For UOB  Ph.D. program, I have also been involved in teaching Applied Research Methodology.


For course contents, LABS, ...  Materials,  Assignments,   and other details, please ... follow this link .. 

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