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Research Interests: 

Robotics, Computational AI & Cybernetics

Now working on EEG - Electroencephalography - Brainwaves Decoding for Building Robotics Cognition


Ph.D., Doctoral in Cybernetics, University of Reading.
Thesis was written under the supervision of Prof. Kevin Warwick, University of Reading, UK


University of Bahrain Central Academic Promotion Chair

Engineering Postgraduate Studies Head - UoB postG and Research council member
Research:  Refer to Research EEG-Robotics Works
Academic Lecturing:  UoB Lecturing

Member of Muharraq Governorate Council Consultation Board
Educational Matters: written IEEE - History of Robotics/Cybernetics

my Courses, over UoB-Blackborad:

or visit the above LEARNING link

Researchgate Online:
Scopus Record: Scopus Author ID: 37661782600
Google Citations:, (h-index=12, i10-index=18)


NATIONAL Higher Education Skills-Innovation Steering Committee Member
Director General of BTI, Bahrain Training Institute
IET- EMEA Regional Board Member - 2009-2011

IET- Bahrain Local Network Chair - 2012-2019

IET- Executive Board Member of the IET Control & Automation (TPN)
IET- Knowledge Programme Advisory Board Member
IET- EMEA Regional Board Member - 2019-2021
UOB Electrical and Electronics Engineering Dept. Chair

UOB Cont. Engineering Education Dept. Chair


Computational Packages:

Matlab, Mathematica, Labview, NaG (Library).

Languages: python, C++, OpenCV, extensive use of C++ libraries (as for ISML libraries), OOP programming skills.

Applications: LaTex, BiBoTex and presentation software.

Algorithms: Experience programming for a number of AI related Algorithms.

Operating Systems:  Skills for both Linux, Windows.

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