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Academic Teaching Activities

Have been involved in lecturing the followings:


During Ph.D. (1989-1994), I was teaching (lab sessions) undergraduate students Laboratories, at Reading University - UK,  courses were,  Electronics, Control Systems, & Robotics Experiments, Tutorials.

For University of Bahrain undergraduate studies, my focus are:  Discrete-time control systems (Digital Control), Measurements, Digital Systems, Signals and Systems,  Engineering Numerical Methods (with Object Oriented Programming - OOP), Automatic Control, Robotics, Intelligent Systems, Nonlinear Control Systems, Engineering Ethics, and Computer Organization.


For postgraduate studies, my focus are:  Probabilities and Stochastic Systems, Signals and Noise, Modern Control Systems, Optimal Control Theory and Applications, Discrete-time control systems, Linear and Nonlinear Systems, Intelligent Control,  Computer Vision,  Computer Architecture,  and Algorithm Concepts.


For UOB  Ph.D. program, I have also been involved in teaching Applied Research Methodology.


For course contents, LABS, ...  Materials,  Assignments,  and other details, please find blow


I have been involved in Lecturing the followings:

Undergraduate Labs Studies, University of Reading - UK :  as Ph.D.  Candidate, during (1989-2004)

Electronics (Laboratory Sessions, 1989)

Automatic Control (Laboratory Sessions, 1992)
Electronics (Hardware Design & Testing, Laboratory Sessions, 1992)

Robotics and Automation Lab Course (Final year undergraduates Cybernetics Students, 1994)


Associate Diploma Studies, University of Bahrain, (1995-1998)

Associate Diploma Program - Certificates:


TMATH   140  Mathematics VI
TCS 022-132  Computer Or
ganization I, II,  TCS 133 Computer Linking

Undergraduate Engineering Studies:

EENG 100  Circuit Theories I, also for Computer Engineering Program

EENG 200  Circuit Theories II also for Computer Engineering Program

EENG 201  Electronics Measurements - EE 184 Measurements

EENG 205  Numerical Methods

EENG 207  Numerical Methods & Computer Applications

EENG 271  Signals and Systems - Computer Engineering Program

EENG 361  Circuits and Electronics

EENG 381  Control Systems - EE280 Control Systems

EENG 400  Engineering Ethics  - EENG 409  Engineering Seminar

EENG 450  Digital Systems II

EENG 482  Robotics & Automation

EENG 483  Discrete-Time Control Systems

EENG 485  Nonlinear Control

EENG 486  Intelligent Control

CSIS 160    C++ Programming 01

CSIS 270    C++ Data Structures, Classes & (OOP) 

CSIS 130    Computer Organization I

Postgraduate Studies:  M.Sc. Program:

EEG   580   Linear and Nonlinear Dynamics

EEG   581   Intelligent Control

EEG   582   Digital Control Systems

EEG   583   Optimal Control Systems

EEG   586   Machine Vision

EEG   570   Stochastic Processes, Signals and Noise

CSCI  650   Computer Algorithm Concepts

CSCI  635   Probability and Stochastic Processes

CSCI  720   Advanced Digital Control, Discrete-time Control Systems

CSCI  741   Computer Architecture

Postgraduate Studies: M.Sc. Program:

Hinf.  Robust fuzzy Control for nonlinear Dynamic System

Multivariable Neuro-fuzzy model predictive control

D.C. machine torque optimization via  fuzzy logic system

Solar Energy – Machine torque optimization via fuzzy logic

Power Demand Predication via Evolving ANN Structures


Postgraduate Studies: Ph.D.  Program:

EEGG 709        Applied Research Methodology

ENGG 701       Advanced Numerical Methods

ENGG 702       Finite Elements Analysis

ENGG 705       Ph.D. Thesis

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